About Me

Michael Chafitz is an experienced stone fabricator, world traveler, and martial artist. He lives and works in Newport Beach, California, as a hands-on planning and fabrication consultant. He assists residential and commercial clients in making informed material and design choices about their prospective stonework projects.

Home and business owners trust Michael to help them make smart decisions. He teaches them about available services for distressed walls and floors - and about polishing and honing numerous types of stone surfaces. He and his team create custom stone designs from exotic stones, marble, and glass.

Michael specializes in accommodating precision stone cutting tolerances to achieve superior results on his projects. He is a specialist cutter, fitter, and installer of:









Porcelain Tile

Nove Travertine

Explaining his success as a project planner and stone fabricator, Michael states, “Stone cutting and fabrication is a zero-margin-error business. My clients rightfully expect precisely crafted final products that deliver a huge WOW factor. I care about the most minute details to deliver excellent results every time.”

As a seasoned martial artist, Michael Chafitzstudies and practices various traditional fighting styles. He incorporates his martial arts experience into all areas of his life. Michael also explores holistic health and fitness methods, including pranayama (intentional breathing), Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and intermittent fasting.

He explains, “Focusing on your breath, thoughts, words, and behaviors is integral to understanding others and being happy. To me, martial arts and stone fabrication are very related. There is Zen everywhere in everything.”


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